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I Hate Geese…

via Daily Prompt: Explore

So, yesterday I was at the Cincinnati Red’s Parade. Y’know, helping out my high school’s marching band and freezing my butt off. The parade itself went really well, but I’m not here to talk about that. I want to talk about what happened after we left.

By the time the band was done marching, it was already almost 1:30pm. Needless to say, we were all starving. So we get on the buses and head on over to the Kenwood Mall. I rode with my parents in our truck, since we they were pulling one of the trailers. We get there, establish that the meeting time was at 3, and began heading towards the entrance.

Now I’ve been to this mall multiple times throughout my life. It’s actually one of my favorites because it’s just so big. All of the stores that I love are there, including Forever 21 and Hot Topic. Plus, there’s so many other great shops that I like to explore! Also hanging around there are geese.

Every time I’ve visited, I have seen at least 1 goose wandering around the entrances. I’ve never given them much thought cause they were always far enough away. Until yesterday…


My mom and I decided to go ahead of my dad because we had to use the restroom. We get to the door, and see a single goose standing there. I’m like, Okay, it’s going to stay over there, so if I walk over here it won’t come over. As I’m walking, the goose starts to get closer. And closer. And closer. My mom was halfway into the building when it started hissing at me.

What else could I do except freeze in place? A freaking goose was getting ready to jump on me! I think it had me in a corner for a good 2 minutes, hissing and looking generally pissed off. Luckily, my mom was there. She shouted at the bird to distract it, allowing me to run around and away from it. For some reason it didn’t follow me (which I’m not going to complain about). Then we quickly went inside.

What I don’t understand, looking back on it, is why it didn’t go after my mom? She actually ended up walking closer to the goose than I did! Maybe there was a nest in the bushes that I was by? Maybe it didn’t like the boots I was wearing? I don’t know. All I know is that I was almost an innocent victim of a goose attack.

*Sigh* I hate geese…

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My Top 10 My Hero Academia Characters

That’s right! I’ll be talking about some animes on here. So let’s start with one of the most popular shows at the moment: My Hero Academia!

Season 3 is coming out on April 7th, and I’m super excited for it! To get ready for its release, I thought I’d share my top 10 favorite characters. This will be from the anime only, so there won’t be any spoilers for the manga. Still, there are so many good characters to choose from!

(Fair warning: there may be some spoilers for the anime. Please leave now if you haven’t watched it yet!)

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My Anxiety…

via Daily Prompt: Invisible


Hey, um… I’m still here. Yeah, I’m sitting next to you.

I know I don’t talk a lot, but that doesn’t mean that I have nothing to say.

Besides, you invited me to this activity. You dragged me along, maybe hoping that would help me be more social. But it somehow made things worse.

What you’re talking about right now sounds really interesting. I want to put in my two-cents, I really do.

But my anxiety starts to kick in.

“Is what you want to say that important? Is it something that you think they’d like to hear? What if you mess up your wording or trip over your own tongue? What if your opinion differs from theirs? They’ll think you’re weird. They’ll make fun of you. Or worse, they’ll want to fight you on it.”

“They don’t care about you. They never have. You don’t have any friends. They asked you to come because they feel sorry for you. Why give them the time of day when they won’t do the same to you? It’s better to just stay quiet. It’s safer that way.”

I don’t say anything. I remain invisible. I’m surrounded by a crowd of people, but my only companions are my thoughts…


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Home Free Made Me Cry…

via Daily Prompt: Blush

Y’know, I should have put something out for St. Patrick’s Day this past Saturday, but I was too busy being awestruck to write anything down.

So my parents bought 3 tickets to see the country a capella group known as Home Free. I didn’t really know what to expect because I hadn’t been to a concert in YEARS. And even then I wasn’t really interested in what was going on. A classmate caught me sitting down, reading a book while listening to a concert at a county fair. He tried to tell me off at school the next day, but I was too busy reading again to care. (I was an even bigger book nerd than I am now.)

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The End Is Just The Beginning

So I haven’t really talked about what I do outside of work and home. A couple of months ago, I agreed to help my high school’s color guard team finish out their season.


Have you ever watched a marching band perform during a football game? Remember seeing a bunch of girls spinning and tossing colorful flags and/or rifles all over the place? That’s the color guard I’m talking about. And during the winter months, the guard separates to create their own indoor shows and competitions. Ever since 7th grade, I’ve performed in multiple marching band and indoor shows. In total, I’ve been involved with this activity for 9 years, and have performed in 12 different shows. Unless you want to count the many halftime performances I participated in for the Purdue All-American Marching Band. Then it would be closer to 20 shows. (I’m not trying to brag; I just wanted to show that I have a lot of experience with this program.)

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Noises of Spring

via Daily Prompt: Noise


I hope for the symphony of spring to come soon.

Where the noise of new leaves brush together.

The birds will fill the air with their tunes

And a pitter-patter speaks of the weather.


A battle can be heard from across the town

As two dogs wage a war with their barks.

Children scream as they run around,

Escaping bees flying in the park.


The nighttime is filled with more clamour.

Frogs croak throughout the evening.

The lightning bugs show off their glamour

With cricket chirps interweaving.


Yes, I can’t wait for the season of spring.

But alas, I must still hold on.

The snow falls slowly like string

Making no sounds through the dawn.


The Day Begins

via Daily Prompt: Grasp


Look. Look over that way.

See her rushing to begin the day.

Her hair a mess, glasses askew,

Searching for that missing shoe.


She found it under the table,

Feeling slightly unstable

As she runs around loudly

While the dog sleeps soundly.


There’s no time for food

To get her in the mood

For the start of the morning.

The sun rises like a warning.


At last, she steps outside,

Taking short and quick strides

Through the early morning chill.

The wind is completely still.


She gets onto the road

Only to be immediately slowed

By a big yellow bus

Picking up a child named Russ.


The highway is mostly clear

Which makes her want to cheer.

Work needs her by 8:30,

So she flies like a birdie.


Finally, she pulls in the lot

Hoping that she’s not caught

Being late is no fun,

But what’s done is done.



But she didn’t grasp something important.

She should have an informant.

She’ll be in for quite a shock

When she learns it’s only 8 o’clock.



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Spring is Coming

via Daily Prompt: Captivating

Ah, spring time. It’s finally on the way.

For me, spring is such a captivating season. We see the white snow melt away, revealing fresh green grass underneath. The skinny, brown twigs attached to trees turn into lush, full branches. The sun shines brightly through the clouds while a rainbow of flowers bloom out of the ground. The sudden vibrancy is almost blinding at first, but the change is a welcome one.

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