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Let’s Begin!

*Ahem* Hello! Welcome! Bonjour! My name’s Victoria Steuver, but I prefer to be called Tori. I’m 20 years old at the moment, but will very soon become a full-flegded adult! Whoo Hoo! Anyway, my family consists of my mom, dad, sister, brother, and dog. We’re located in a small town in Indiana, where nothing ever happens. But I like to make my own little adventures every now and then. It’s kinda hard to do now cause I’m working a full-time job, but I still see many opportunities in the future!

As the blog name suggests, I’m a child at heart (and I like glitter). I love learning new things about the world. I try to remain as optomistic as I can during tough times. Disney movies still make me cry (Mufasa, NO!!!). So turning 21 in a couple months is a little… terrifying. That’s why I started this! I wanted to have an outlet where I can be creative and weird. A place where I can post my random Photoshop creations and/or drawings. A place where I can talk about what I liked and disliked about something freely. A place where I can just be myself.

So….. yeah. That’s why I want to start blogging. I think that’s a good enough explaintion for now. But expect many things to pop up here and there! With that, enjoy this picture of my dog! Bye!

Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet? – Β L.M. Montgomery




Hey there! My name is Victoria Steuver, or Tori for short. I'm 20 years young and currently employed full time. I have two wonderful parents, an older sister, a younger brother, and a dog. I hope that this blog will not only help me enter the world of adults, but you as well! See you soon!

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