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I Hate Geese…

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So, yesterday I was at the Cincinnati Red’s Parade. Y’know, helping out my high school’s marching band and freezing my butt off. The parade itself went really well, but I’m not here to talk about that. I want to talk about what happened after we left.

By the time the band was done marching, it was already almost 1:30pm. Needless to say, we were all starving. So we get on the buses and head on over to the Kenwood Mall. I rode with my parents in our truck, since we they were pulling one of the trailers. We get there, establish that the meeting time was at 3, and began heading towards the entrance.

Now I’ve been to this mall multiple times throughout my life. It’s actually one of my favorites because it’s just so big. All of the stores that I love are there, including Forever 21 and Hot Topic. Plus, there’s so many other great shops that I like to explore! Also hanging around there are geese.

Every time I’ve visited, I have seen at least 1 goose wandering around the entrances. I’ve never given them much thought cause they were always far enough away. Until yesterday…


My mom and I decided to go ahead of my dad because we had to use the restroom. We get to the door, and see a single goose standing there. I’m like, Okay, it’s going to stay over there, so if I walk over here it won’t come over. As I’m walking, the goose starts to get closer. And closer. And closer. My mom was halfway into the building when it started hissing at me.

What else could I do except freeze in place? A freaking goose was getting ready to jump on me! I think it had me in a corner for a good 2 minutes, hissing and looking generally pissed off. Luckily, my mom was there. She shouted at the bird to distract it, allowing me to run around and away from it. For some reason it didn’t follow me (which I’m not going to complain about). Then we quickly went inside.

What I don’t understand, looking back on it, is why it didn’t go after my mom? She actually ended up walking closer to the goose than I did! Maybe there was a nest in the bushes that I was by? Maybe it didn’t like the boots I was wearing? I don’t know. All I know is that I was almost an innocent victim of a goose attack.

*Sigh* I hate geese…


Hey there! My name is Victoria Steuver, or Tori for short. I'm 20 years young and currently employed full time. I have two wonderful parents, an older sister, a younger brother, and a dog. I hope that this blog will not only help me enter the world of adults, but you as well! See you soon!

One thought on “I Hate Geese…

  1. I feel your pain…geese (like their evil swan cousins) are terrifying! I think that they can feel fear, so they cunningly try to attack the least confident human they can find. Glad you managed to escape 😉


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