My Anxiety…

via Daily Prompt: Invisible


Hey, um… I’m still here. Yeah, I’m sitting next to you.

I know I don’t talk a lot, but that doesn’t mean that I have nothing to say.

Besides, you invited me to this activity. You dragged me along, maybe hoping that would help me be more social. But it somehow made things worse.

What you’re talking about right now sounds really interesting. I want to put in my two-cents, I really do.

But my anxiety starts to kick in.

“Is what you want to say that important? Is it something that you think they’d like to hear? What if you mess up your wording or trip over your own tongue?Β What if your opinion differs from theirs? They’ll think you’re weird. They’ll make fun of you. Or worse, they’ll want to fight you on it.”

“They don’t care about you. They never have. You don’t have any friends. They asked you to come because they feel sorry for you. Why give them the time of day when they won’t do the same to you? It’s better to just stay quiet. It’s safer that way.”

I don’t say anything. I remain invisible. I’m surrounded by a crowd of people, but my only companions are my thoughts…


Noises of Spring

via Daily Prompt: Noise


I hope for the symphony of spring to come soon.

Where the noise of new leaves brush together.

The birds will fill the air with their tunes

And a pitter-patter speaks of the weather.


A battle can be heard from across the town

As two dogs wage a war with their barks.

Children scream as they run around,

Escaping bees flying in the park.


The nighttime is filled with more clamour.

Frogs croak throughout the evening.

The lightning bugs show off their glamour

With cricket chirps interweaving.


Yes, I can’t wait for the season of spring.

But alas, I must still hold on.

The snow falls slowly like string

Making no sounds through the dawn.


The Day Begins

via Daily Prompt: Grasp


Look. Look over that way.

See her rushing to begin the day.

Her hair a mess, glasses askew,

Searching for that missing shoe.


She found it under the table,

Feeling slightly unstable

As she runs around loudly

While the dog sleeps soundly.


There’s no time for food

To get her in the mood

For the start of the morning.

The sun rises like a warning.


At last, she steps outside,

Taking short and quick strides

Through the early morning chill.

The wind is completely still.


She gets onto the road

Only to be immediately slowed

By a big yellow bus

Picking up a child named Russ.


The highway is mostly clear

Which makes her want to cheer.

Work needs her by 8:30,

So she flies like a birdie.


Finally, she pulls in the lot

Hoping that she’s not caught

Being late is no fun,

But what’s done is done.



But she didn’t grasp something important.

She should have an informant.

She’ll be in for quite a shock

When she learns it’s only 8 o’clock.