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Worst Morning Commute EVER!!!

Welp, yesterday was… an experience.

I woke up to my parents telling me that there was a random snow storm coming through and I should leave early. It was a small storm, but with the temperature suddenly dropping, there was a lot of ice build up. So instead of heading out at 7:15 for work, I left at 6:30. Then, I get calls from my parents right before I get to the highway. They informed me that the bridge that I go over has been closed, and the best thing I can do is just wait it out. At this point, I’m thinking Alright, I’ll get on the interstate and sit there until the bridge is open again. So that’s what I do. And I wait for an hour and a half! I had to call work and tell them I might be a few minutes late.

Finally traffic starts to move again. The bridge was down to one lane, so it was still slow. But that wasn’t the bad part. The bad part was that the entire bridge was covered in ice! So as I’m getting off, my car starts to slide. Keep in mind, this is my first time driving on ice this thick before. So I went from going straight in a lane, to sliding horizontally across two! I didn’t even have time to think about what I was going to do when my car suddenly straightened again. There was a good space between me and the person behind me, so luckily no one hit me while I slide. At that point, I just wanted to get going again, so I kept driving.

It wasn’t just the bridge that was icy; the whole interstate was covered! Everyone was going 25 mph or less so they didn’t wreck. I didn’t have any more problems until I got off at the exit and went a little ways. Before that, I was still in a kind of daze from what happened before. But once I started sliding again on the normal roads, I freaked out and had to pull over. I called my mom, bawling my eyes out. She told me to calm down and wait for the sun (which had decided to show itself) to melt some of the ice. I sat on the side for 15 minutes before moving again.

In order to get to work (which at this point, I’m super late), I have to take a left turn at an intersection. But what happens right before I get there? Two semi trucks crash into each other where I need to turn! So I went straight instead and turned around at a high school. I took a right in order to go around, but I wanted to make sure that I was going to get back onto the correct road. So I pull into a church parking lot. But guess what happens? I GET STUCK ON THE ENTRANCE RAMP!!! There was so much ice and snow that the car couldn’t move forwards or backwards.

I start freaking out again, and called my dad. I was afraid that I would have to call the police, but he told me to sit tight. He was going to come up and help. Again, I sat there for 15 minutes, with people stopping and asking me if I’m ok. I called work again and told them that I was going to be extremely late, and surprising I wasn’t the only one. As I’m watching YouTube videos to calm down, a salt truck drives by and starts spraying around my car. I assume that one of the people who stopped called them and asked them to come. He parked at the top of the ramp and walked down to me, telling me to try to move. And my car went forward! So I thanked him and parked in a spot to call my dad. He was almost where I was, and I felt so bad, but he said that as long as I’m safe, it’s ok. I finally made it to work, listening to Carrie Underwood’s ‘Jesus Take The Wheel’ play on the radio.

I’ve taken a few things away from this. You never know what’s going to happen when driving on ice. If the car starts to slide, let it try to correct itself. Trying to break is sometimes NOT the best thing to do. And above all, DON’T DO WHAT I DID AND FREAK OUT!

There are a few places here in the US still dealing with heavy snow right now, so I really shouldn’t be complaining. But if you’re someone stuck in the middle of it, I hope you are staying safe and keeping warm!

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Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Now Releasing in April!

Guys. GUYS! Why am I just hearing about this now?!?

So if you’re like me and live under a rock, Marvel decided to surprise the world by moving up the release date for Infinity War. Instead of May 4th, it’s now a worldwide release on April 27th.

It all started on Twitter, with @RobertDowneyJr responding to one of @MarvelStudios tweets. The conversation that followed can be found below.

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We Are Disney Bound!

This past Christmas, I received a $25 Disney gift card in a gift exchange. At first, I wasn’t sure what I was going to use it on. Then it hit me…. save it and start planning for a Disney trip! My mom told me about a coworker of hers saving up a bunch of gift cards, and she had enough to pay for a four-day vacation at Disney World! So I decided to collect as many cards as I can for myself and my family to spend a few days in Florida. It’s slow going, but I’m not planning on trying to head out this year.

I’m so hyped up about it though, that I’m already thinking about what I want to wear to the Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios. I mean, I would wear an actual princess gown if I could. But I looked up the dress code for the parks and was disappointed to read that anyone over the age of 14 can’t really dress up. It makes sense why; young children could confuse you for the actual Disney princess/character. But it’s also a huge security risk. Someone could sneak weapons or other things into the park by stuffing them inside the folds of a costume. So no gowns… yet…

But I recently found a way that I can walk around sporting my love for Disney. It’s called Disneybounding. It was created by Leslie Kay, and I’ll put a link to her website. The idea is to make an outfit based off a Disney character that’s easy on the wallet. So, if you wanted to be Ariel, you’d put on a purple shirt and green shorts (and maybe even a red wig). This idea stems to all Disney characters, like villains and side characters, as well. Kay does part of the work for you by picking certain articles of clothes and accessories for each character. She even links where she found the clothes so you can buy the outfit yourself! But the whole point is to give you an idea of what to look for.

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6 Things To Do When You’re Single On Valentines Day

It’s here: Valentine’s Day. A day where chocolates and flowers are passed alongside many “I love you”s. A day that quite a few couples have made plans for 2-3 weeks in advance. That can either be exhilarating or annoying, depending on your relationship status at the time. But even if you are single on February 14th, you can still make it worthwhile!

Instead of moping around the house while eating straight out of an ice cream carton, here are some fun and/or relaxing activities to do on Valentine’s Day (or as I like to call it, Singles Awareness Day).

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15 Ways To Relax After A Long Day

As I’ve said in previous posts, I have a full-time job now. I come in to work at 8:30am (technically 8am because I HATE being late) and stare at computer screens until 5pm. Answering phone calls, filling out invoices, and approving projects constantly really takes its toll on my energy levels. By the time I get home, I’m completely exhausted. But of course, there are other things I have to take care of. Cook dinner, go grocery shopping, take my brother to his trumpet lessons. The list goes on and on.

To sum up, I’ve been a big ball of stress lately. But I know that in order to keep up at work, I need to take care of myself. Everyone’s health should be top priority in my book. So I’ve come up with 15 different things like to do when I want to relax. If you’re experiencing the same thing, maybe this could help you!

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Let’s Begin!

*Ahem* Hello! Welcome! Bonjour! My name’s Victoria Steuver, but I prefer to be called Tori. I’m 20 years old at the moment, but will very soon become a full-flegded adult! Whoo Hoo! Anyway, my family consists of my mom, dad, sister, brother, and dog. We’re located in a small town in Indiana, where nothing ever happens. But I like to make my own little adventures every now and then. It’s kinda hard to do now cause I’m working a full-time job, but I still see many opportunities in the future!

As the blog name suggests, I’m a child at heart (and I like glitter). I love learning new things about the world. I try to remain as optomistic as I can during tough times. Disney movies still make me cry (Mufasa, NO!!!). So turning 21 in a couple months is a little… terrifying. That’s why I started this! I wanted to have an outlet where I can be creative and weird. A place where I can post my random Photoshop creations and/or drawings. A place where I can talk about what I liked and disliked about something freely. A place where I can just be myself.

So….. yeah. That’s why I want to start blogging. I think that’s a good enough explaintion for now. But expect many things to pop up here and there! With that, enjoy this picture of my dog! Bye!

Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet? –  L.M. Montgomery