Noises of Spring

via Daily Prompt: Noise


I hope for the symphony of spring to come soon.

Where the noise of new leaves brush together.

The birds will fill the air with their tunes

And a pitter-patter speaks of the weather.


A battle can be heard from across the town

As two dogs wage a war with their barks.

Children scream as they run around,

Escaping bees flying in the park.


The nighttime is filled with more clamour.

Frogs croak throughout the evening.

The lightning bugs show off their glamour

With cricket chirps interweaving.


Yes, I can’t wait for the season of spring.

But alas, I must still hold on.

The snow falls slowly like string

Making no sounds through the dawn.


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Spring is Coming

via Daily Prompt: Captivating

Ah, spring time. It’s finally on the way.

For me, spring is such a captivating season. We see the white snow melt away, revealing fresh green grass underneath. The skinny, brown twigs attached to trees turn into lush, full branches. The sun shines brightly through the clouds while a rainbow of flowers bloom out of the ground. The sudden vibrancy is almost blinding at first, but the change is a welcome one.

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